Hair Styling

Hair is offered at Essence's Sandbach Salon. Your hair is key to your whole identity. Main product Aveda. Enhance your hairstyling at home by purchasing Aveda products from our Salon.


Prices from £25.00

Creative and Bridal Hair up

Prices from £11.00

Conditioning Treatment

Prices from £31.50

Ladies Cuts without Blow Dry

Long Hair

30 minutes


Fringe Trim

Free of charge to regular clients or £5


Blow Dry with Curls/ Rollers

Long Hair

1 hours 15 minutes

Prices from £39.00

Cut and Finish

Short Hair (top of the neck)

1 hours 0 minutes

Prices from £19.00

Wash and Blow Dry

Short Hair (top of neck)

30 minutes

Prices from £42.00

Re-Style and Finish

Technical Services

Prices exclude Cut and Finish


Tint on Roots Only

Prices from £19.50

Tint Inbetween Foils

Prices from £4.00

Spot Foils


Acid Perm

Permanent straightening price on consultation. Patch test required

Prices from £48.00

Full Head Permanent Tint

Prices from £43.00

T-Section Foils

Prices from £59.00

Half Head Foils

Short Hair (top of neck)

Prices from £65.00

Full Head Foils 

Short Hair (top of neck)

90 minutes

Prices may vary

Colour Correction

Pensioner Offer (Monday- Friday Only)

Pensioners are entitles to 15% reduction from our Technical Services prices.
Students receive 15% discount on our Technical Services.

Prices from £17.00

Shampoo and Set

45 minutes