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Electrolysis is an effective, permanent method of removing superfluous hair growth.  Electrolysis weakens the hair to inhibit growth.  Each hair requires repeated treatments due to the fact that each individual hair has its own growing cycle. Therefore results are not immediate, and take a little time, but like dieting it’s the healthy eating plan that works in the long run, not the crash diet. Unlike other methods available, electrolysis is the only method legally allowed to claim that it is permanent.

A probe is placed in the follicle and heat is introduced. Slight discomfort can be felt depending on the area. Regrowth is slow and hair feels fine to touch, leading to permanent hair removal. The time involved depends on how much superfluous hair the client would like removing.

Areas electrolysis can be used on are: facial area including lip, chin, neck, eyebrows and the bikini line.

For best results and the best service, a consultation is recommended. Length of course depends on each individual and their concerns.